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Often, due to improper maintenance during the winter months, a pool heater or pool heat exchanger can break and then leak come spring start-up. If so, it is usually damage to the systems’ return manifold, aka rear header. A pool heater or a heat pump is an energy transfer system that heats a pool using that energy to move heat from somewhere outdoors into the pool’s water.

In any event, a Pool Inspection by Bergen County, NJ-based NJ Pool Inspector can be the difference in seeing potential issues and making the necessary recommendations to avoid these costly potential problems.

Broken Pool Heater NJ Pool Inspector

Non-Winterized Pool Heat Exchanger In NJ

The pictures here show a damaged and leaking pool heater or pool heat exchanger and the break is due to it being improperly winterized. In this case, the heat exchanger split open from water that was left in the system. It froze, then expanded during the winter months, and now you can see how it has bulged outwards so far that it actually split the copper.

Broken Pool Heat Exchanger NJ Pool Inspector

Pool Maintenance Checklist – Winter Pool Heater Cover In NJ

Investing in a winter pool heater cover is a good idea to not only protect against the elements, but also debris and even rodents. Pool heaters exposed to outdoor weather, may last for 15 years. At some point, expensive repairs such as a whole new heat exchanger replacement or another pilot / gas valve will have any pool owner considering whether or not to even have a pool heater.

Pool heaters should be installed by a qualified company; there must be a qualified gas contractor to set the gas connection and then an ubiased pool inspection service by ‘NJ Pool Inspector, is recommended to avoid future problems or suprises.

Mahwah, Bergen County, NJ-based ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ serves both the local and surrounding NJ towns’ pools, spas and hot tubs. We happen to be experienced with pool heater pool heat exchanger issues, issue prevention and maintenance. We are also an inspector, not a pool maintenance company, so we NEVER have any conflict of interest when it comes to your unbiased pool inspection!

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