Better Pool Inspection With Infrared Cameras

What is an Infrared Thermal Camera?


Thermal-Infrared-Camera-pool-Inspection-Bergen-County-NJAn infrared thermal camera creates an image using infrared radiation. A common
camera uses visible light to form an image. A thermal camera can detect objects
in total darkness because it doesn’t depend upon light. It relies on the emanation of heat radiation to find things. Inspectors use these cameras to locate items that may not be visible but can be harmful. An infrared thermal camera is one of the tools used by NJ Pool Inspector to detect possible problems within Bergen County pools and spas.


Infrared Cameras are important in the inspection of homes and pools


The use of an infrared thermal camera has become an important component of any
home inspection and any pool inspection. For NJ Pool Inspector clients
infrared thermal camera use does not affect the price of the pool inspection. We
incorporate the infrared thermal camera use into the overall inspection.

The infrared camera detects whether the heater in your pool is functioning
properly. It also finds any electrical issues that may be affecting the working
of the pool.

It is always a good idea to remember that a pool has to be open and functioning for
a full inspection to be effective. If the pool isn’t open and in use, the
inspection can be incomplete. We only inspect pools, we do not build or maintain
pools, there is no conflict of interest in inspecting your pool. We provide an
honest and comprehensive inspection report, recommending repairs or replacements
if necessary. An early inspection in spring can allow you to repair things that
will make swimming season more pleasurable.


Infrared Thermal Cameras make inspecting pools more efficient


When you are ready to open your pool and want to make sure everything is in
working order, call NJ Pool Inspector for a full professional inspection of the
pool and surrounding area, with the use of an infrared thermal camera. Call us
at (201) 378-3652 for an appointment.

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