A Swimming Pool Inspection is Advisable


Mahwah NJ Pool & Spa Inspection ServicesFirst and probably foremost, a swimming pool should be inspected because the report can save you money. A pool inspection is generally undertaken when the purchase of a house with a pool is being considered. It’s a good idea, because having the pool and surrounding area inspected by an experienced pool inspector will ensure that your investment is a safe one. Everyone has a house inspected before purchase, but a pool inspection is not always included with a house inspection. NJ Pool Inspector offers an impartial report that can be essential in making an informed decision to buy. This is why swimming pool inspections are advisable.


What Does A Pool Inspection Include?


In swimming pool inspections, the following are usually included:

  • Gates, fences, ladders, railings, diving boards, slides
  • Pump equipment, including motors, filters, heaters, chlorinators, drains
  • Decking and coping around the perimeter of the pool
  • Pool Surface, liners, tile edging, skimmers
  • Water quality
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Inspection of any adjacent or attached spa

Inspections Should Be Done By Professionals


Swimming pools tend to be expensive adjuncts to your home, although totally enjoyable. It is important to feel they are safe, clean and in usable condition. NJ Pool Inspector provides a complete examination of a pool, spa if included, and surrounding surfaces. We employ the use of Infrared Thermal Cameras in our inspections for added accuracy. We always stand behind our inspections.

NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools, we do not build, repair or maintain pools. With our inspections there is no “conflict of interest”. We are not motivated to find anything but the pertinent facts regarding the condition of a pool. We will recommend repairs or replacements when necessary.

When you are contemplating the purchase of a house in northern NJ with a swimming pool, call NJ Pool Inspector. We offer a comprehensive inspection of the pool and feel certain you will be satisfied with our services. Give us a call today – we can be reached at (201) 658-8881


Pools Should Be Inspected Regularly


Mahwah NJ Pool Inspection ServicesTo full enjoy the pleasure of having a swimming pool in your backyard, you should have it looked over yearly. As the pool ages and settles, the workings of the pool can start to break down. This swimming pool inspection should be undertaken either before you close the pool in the fall, or after opening it in the late spring. The pool needs to be open and in working order for the inspection to be complete and accurate. The timing is to make the following swimming season as pleasurable and problem free as possible. NJ Pool Inspector recommends regular swimming pool inspections to all NJ swimming pool owners.


Inspection and Maintenance Go Hand In Hand


When we inspect your swimming pool, we offer recommendations on any repairs or replacements that are necessary. Good maintenance of your pool will ensure that you and your family have years of swimming enjoyment. NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools, we do not repair pools. This means you will get an unbiased report on the condition of your pool and surrounding area.  To keep the pool and the area surrounding it in good order, we recommend regular swimming pool inspections.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools. We do not rush through, and we welcome your presence during the inspection with questions regarding the process. We recognize that pool owners have special challenges and responsibilities. We offer completely professional inspections by certified inspectors and want you to be satisfied with our report. We stand behind our inspections.

When it is time for a pool inspection at your Bergen County house, give NJ Pool Inspector a call at (201) 658-8881. Let’s make your next swimming season carefree and fun.


Now Is The Time For A Swimming Pool Inspection


Mahwah NJ Pool InspectionSummer is coming to a close shortly. The weather will soon become too cool for swimming. Now before your pool is closed for the season is a good time for an inspection. For an accurate inspection, the pool should be open and in operation. NJ Pool Inspector recommends a Fall Pool Inspection to Bergen County NJ homeowners with a swimming pool.


Why A Fall Pool Inspection?


Swimming pools and spas or hot tubs should be inspected on a regular basis. Pools and their accessories can be expensive to repair or replace, but they should always be in safe and usable condition. NJ Pool Inspector provides a comprehensive end-of-season inspection of the pool, spa, equipment and surrounding surface. If there are any issues that need attention, they will be included in our report. We do not repair or replace, but we recommend necessary repairs that should be done before the next swimming season begins. NJ Pool Insector offers satisfaction with our inspections.


Call Us Today for A Fall Pool Inspection


When you are ready to close your pool for the year, call NJ Pool Inspector for that last inspection. We focus on seeing that your swimming pool and spa are ready for use when the weather permits next summer. For a full end-of-season pool inspection, give us a call at (201) 658-8881.


Pool Inspectors Are Professionals


certified swimming pool inspections bergen county nj

Whether you are selling or buying a home with a swimming pool, you will probably want a thorough inspection of that pool. Most NJ Home Inspectors do not inspect pools. Pool Inspectors have a special set of skills that come with experience and professional knowledge of pools. It is notable though, that Pool Inspectors only inspect pools and spas. We do not build pools, repair pools, or replace parts. You want a totally impartial examination of your pool and surrounding area. NJ Pool Inspector offers this impartiality and in fact we are sure you will be satisfied with our report. 


No Conflict of Interest With Our Report


Pool contractors will perform an inspection of your pool, but this can result in the possibility of a biased opinion. NJ Pool Inspector is a certified NJ pool inspector and only inspects pools. We are a completely neutral agent and do not build, maintain or repair pools. You can expect a totally professional inspection of your swimming pool and surrounding area from us.  NJ swimming pool inspectors only inspect pools!


Guaranteed Satisfaction


NJ Pool Inspector is at work 7 days a week. We do not hurry through an inspection, and you are able to follow us around and ask questions during the process. Owning a pool involves special challenges and responsibilities. We offer the most comprehensive inspection, and we seek your satisfaction with the finished report. We stand behind our inspections.

If your Bergen County NJ swimming pool needs inspection for any reason, give NJ Pool Inspection a call today. We can be reached at 201-658-8881.


A Pool Inspector Is A Professional


Mahwah NJ Pool InspectionWhen you are selling or buying a house with a swimming pool, the pool should be inspected by a professional pool inspector. Even newly built pools should be inspected by someone other than the builder. Sellers are required to have pools inspected, and buyers want to have pools inspected. You need to know that the pool and everything attached to it is in good working order. When you hire NJ Pool Inspector you will have the benefit of a completely neutral pool inspector vs the self interested pool contractor or builder. This eliminates the conflict of interest inherent in having the builder inspect his own work.  We think you benefit from being aware of who should inspect your swimming pool. 


Home Inspectors Don’t Offer Pool Inspections



Most home inspectors do not offer the inspection of swimming pools. They are usually not knowledgeable or experienced in the workings of a pool and can’t do an accurate job. Hiring a professional who only inspects pools and is experienced in doing so makes the most sense. Having this examination performed by someone who is not involved in building pools, assures you of a completely unbiased and accurate report.  NJ Pool Inspector is who should inspect your swimming pool.


Are We Pool Builders?


NJ Pool Inspector only inspects swimming pools. We do not build, repair or maintain pools. We are pool inspectors and have many years of experience in this regard. When contemplating the purchase of a home with a swimming pool you need to know that the pool is in working order. We inspect spas and hot tubs as well. You want to be sure that the pool and any attachments as well as the surrounding area, are up to local code requirements. These are all areas in which a pool inspector will have the expertise and knowledge.


NJ Pool Inspector Guarantees Satisfaction


NJ Pool Inspector is always on the job. We don’t rush, and while we are working you can ask questions. We want you to be aware of the responsibility and the expense involved with owning a swimming pool. You should have the best inspection possible and be satisfied with the end report. We stand behind our inspections.

If you are selling or buying a house with a swimming pool and want an accurate, independent inspection of the pool, give us a call. NJ Pool Inspector services the Bergen County NJ area and we can be reached at 201-658-8881.


A Swimming Pool Inspection Can Provide Important Information


Mahwah NJ Pool InspectionWhen you are contemplating the purchase of a house with a swimming pool, you want to know everything about the pool. Mainly, is it in good working order and is the surrounding area in fine shape? It is essential to have a professional swimming pool inspector provide the examination. Usually a home inspection does not offer this service, but what you learn can be very helpful in making your purchase decision. Pool inspections really are indispensable.


Why Use “NJ Pool Inspector”?


Pools, spas and their accessories can be expensive. It is important to be aware of their condition before entering into any commitment. NJ Pool Inspector provides Bergen County home buyers with a full inspection of a swimming pool, equipment, adjoining spa if present, and the surrounding surface area. We stand by our inspections.

With NJ Pool Inspector there is no conflict of interest as we only inspect pools, we do not repair them. Because of this fact, there is no motivation to find any problems other than what the inspection indicates.

For an accurate inspection report, the examination should be done while the pool is open and in operation. The pool and surrounding area cannot be properly examined if it isn’t open because this could make the report limited.  A pool inspection is a good idea periodically during the time you live in the location, not just before you buy.  Pool inspections are indispensable!


What Is Included In A Pool Inspection?


Generally a pool inspection should include the following:

  • gates, fences, ladders, railings, diving boards, slides
  • pump equipment, such as motors, filters, heaters, chlorinators, pressure, drains
  • decking and coping around the pool
  • surface of the pool, liners, tile edging, skimmers
  • water quality
  • electrical equipment

Rely On NJ Pool Inspector


When you are in the process of buying a house that has a swimming pool, call on NJ Pool Inspector for a full and accurate inspection report. Our experience is outstanding and we stand behind our work. Give us a call at 201-658-8881.


What Do Pool Inspectors Look For?


Mahwah NJ Pool InspectionOwning a house with a swimming pool presents greater responsibility  in many ways. A pool inspector looks for things that might make it unsafe for you, your family and your friends to use your pool. We also look for damaged or missing items, and things that could prevent safe access to the pool and departure from the pool. An inspection of your  pool and the surrounding area should be performed by a  certified professional. NJ Pool Inspector knows that pool ownership presents challenges, and we offer comprehensive pool and spa inspections to our Bergen County NJ clients. Below are just a few concerns that are revealed during a pool inspection.


Pool Inspections Sometimes Reveal Problems


1. Inadequate protective fencing surrounding the pool

Barriers surrounding a swimming pool should be a certain height to prevent unwanted access to the pool. Drowning is a risk for everyone, but especially for children. There are government regulations governing pool fencing which are applicable to your area. NJ Pool Inspector keeps current with local rules applied to the use of pools.

2. Inadequate protection for pool electrical equipment

This is another concern determined by state and local laws. Pool Inspectors have to be aware of these regulations. This component of pool maintenance is complicated and includes things like wiring, receptacles and switches, circulation system, light fixtures, heaters, etc. These things should not be accessible by anyone other than the homeowner and pool maintenance crew.

3. Damaged steps, ladders, diving boards or slides

Getting into the pool should be easy for children and older adults, as well as everyone else. Many times newer swimming pools don’t have diving boards or slides because they present liability problems. While older pools usually do have these accessories, all pools have steps and ladders. These items need to be inspected for stability.

4. Damage to surrounding deck and exterior surface

Cracks are unsightly and sometimes dangerous. They can cause injury. Proper drainage around the outside surface surrounding the pool should be inspected as it can become slippery if left wet with puddles.

5. Damage to interior surface of pool

Repairs to the inside surface of a pool can be expensive. When an inspector finds cracks or stains inside a pool they usually recommend repair. A pool building firm may need to be called upon to evaluate necessary repairs and costs. NJ Pool Inspector does not repair pools, we only inspect them and then recommend repair or replacement when needed. This prevents a conflict of interest in what the inspector reports.

6. Keeping the pool clean

There is daily maintenance involved with keeping a pool clean. Keeping drains and skimmers free of debris prevents blockage and possible algae growth. Vacuuming a pool daily is recommended. Chemicals used to maintain the cleanliness and purity of the pool water should be stored far from the heater and high enough so children can’t reach them.


You Can Count On An Accurate And Unbiased Inspection Report


NJ Pool Inspector provides a detailed inspection report, with pictures and recommended maintenance when needed. Sometimes major concerns are revealed during a pool inspection. If you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool or live in a home with a pool, a thorough inspection of the pool and spa are recommended. Call NJ Pool Inspector at 201-658-8881 today for a professional evaluation of the condition of your swimming pool.


Heat Radiation vs Visibility


Mahwah NJ Infrared Thermal Camera Pool Inspection


Most cameras use light to capture an image, while an Infrared Thermal Camera uses heat radiation. Foreign objects floating in a swimming pool or spa may not be readily visible, but they will be detected by a thermal camera. While unusual, a pool inspection could be conducted with minimal light. NJ Pool Inspector performs in-depth Infrared Thermal Camera pool inspections.


What Can An Infrared Thermal Camera Deduct?


An Infrared Thermal Camera can reveal whether the heater in your pool is working properly. It can also detect whether there are any electrical issues that need tending to. For a full inspection, a pool and spa need to be open and usable. With the use of an Infrared Thermal Camera NJ Pool Inspector performs comprehensive pool inspections. If problems are detected, we will advise on a remedy. We inspect pools and spas, we do not repair or replace broken parts. We do recommend repairs or replacement when necessary.


More Accurate Pool Inspections


Infrared Thermal Cameras are very useful tools for a home inspector. It is used to reveal hidden problems that are not seen by the naked eye. For pool and spa examinations, an Infrared Thermal Camera is just as practical. NJ Pool Inspector uses an Infrared Thermal Camera in its inspections and there is no additional cost for its application. More accurate inspection results occur with the use of an Infrared Thermal Camera.


Expert Pool Inspections in Bergen County


With the use of Infrared Thermal Cameras our swimming pool and spa inspections are more accurate. When the time for a pool or spa inspection for swimming season arrives, call NJ Pool Inspector for a thorough and professional inspection of your Bergen County NJ pool. We  can be reached at 201-658-8881.


Spas Need To Be Inspected Just Like Pools


spa inspection bergen county njUsually installed adjacent to a swimming pool, a spa is meant to offer health and relaxation benefits. It can be equipped with whirlpools or water jets to provide pain and stress relief. Spas are often placed in such a way as to be surrounded by nature. A spa can also stand alone without being attached to a swimming pool. All of this is taken into account by NJ Pool Inspector in the inspection of a spa for a Bergen County homeowner.

How Are Spas Set Up and Built?


The installation of a spa can be complicated and needs the expertise of a professional. It can be made of different materials depending upon your budget or where it is placed. This installation should be done by an experienced, reputable contractor whose credentials are confirmed by personal recommendation or by a professional organization. The plumbing, insulation and filtration systems require the abilities of an expert. Other features can also be built into a spa such as special lighting, sound systems, massage jets, state-of-the-art control systems, special surfaces, entry steps and more.


Do I Need To Have A Spa Inspected?


Spas need to be inspected just like swimming pools. Most home inspectors don’t include Pool and Spa Inspection in their report. NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools and spas. We do not install, repair or maintain them. Therefore there is no conflict of interest between inspecting the spa and installing it.


For Pool and Spa Inspections Call A Professional


NJ Pool Inspector takes pride in protecting the homeowner and in serving the citizens of Bergen County NJ. We will inspect your pool, spa or hot tub and provide the information for you to decide upon any needed repairs or restoration. We stand behind all our inspections. It’s almost time to enjoy your swimming pool, spa or hot tub. Give us call at (201) 378-3652.


Early Pool Inspection | Certified Pool Inspection NJ


certified pool inspection njAlthough the weather still says “winter”, we all know spring is fast approaching. In order for it to be ready for summer fun, your swimming pool needs a spring check-up now. The professional pool and spa examination done by NJ Pool Inspector can make you aware of problem areas early, before swimming season starts. Also, if you are planning to put your house with a swimming pool on the market this spring, a pre-season pool check-up is a good idea.


What potential problems could there be?


Although it is too early do undo your pool winterization, we can survey any issues that are visible and need to be taken care of. We are pool inspectors and only inspect pools, but we do recommend repair scheduling when necessary. Cracks, chips, broken hoses, filters, valves, diving board bolts, etc. can be repaired or replaced now. Ladders, steps and diving boards can also be checked and repaired if necessary. Electrical systems on your pool can be repaired or replaced now too.

Even though a full examination of your swimming pool should be done when it is open and in operation, there are things that can be addressed now. If you are planning to sell the house in the near future, you will undoubtedly hire a home inspector. Most home inspectors do not include a pool inspection in their contracts. NJ Pool Inspector has the qualifications and expertise to advise about any issues that need to be taken care of for the best showing of your home with a swimming pool.


Call us for an Early Pool Inspection | Pool Inspector Bergen County NJ


If you want to get a head start on maintaining your swimming pool for the upcoming season, call NJ Pool Inspector for an early pool inspection. We can be reached at (201) 378-3652. A pre-season pool check-up is a smart choice.