Compounding Your Responsibility When Owning a Pool


pool inspection mahwah njHaving a home with a backyard swimming pool is one of life’s great pleasures. It also brings greater responsibility to you as a homeowner. Keeping a pool and spa or hot tub in good, functioning form is important, and before you open that pool to your family and friends, you should have it inspected by a professional. When you get a pre-purchase home inspection, a pool is often not included in the service. Calling in a specialist is the best way to get a pool inspection. Below are some common concerns found during a pool inspection.


Common Problems That Arise In A Pool Inspection


Inadequate protective fencing around the pool

Fences surrounding a pool should be a certain height to discourage unwanted access. Drowning is a risk for everyone, but especially for children. There are state and local government regulations for pool barriers which are applicable to your area. NJ Pool Inspector is always current with local rules applied to the inspection of pools.

Inadequate protection for pool electrical equipment

This is also something determined by state and local laws. A pool inspector has to be aware of these regulations. This component of pool management is complicated and includes things such as wiring, receptacles and switches, circulation system, light fixtures, and more.

Damaged steps, ladders, diving boards or slides

Entry to the pool must be accessible to children and older adults, as well as everyone else. A lot of newer pools don’t have diving boards or slides as they present liability problems. While older pools often do have these accessories, all pools have steps and ladders. This equipment needs to be inspected for usability.

Cracks or other damage to surrounding deck and exterior surface

Cracks are not only unsightly, they can cause injury. In some cases the decking that surrounds a pool is slippery when it gets wet and should be inspected and probably replaced. Proper drainage around the pool is also a matter that needs to be seen to.

Damage to interior surface of the pool

This is an area where repairs can be expensive. If an inspector finds cracks or stains in the interior surface of a pool they usually recommend repair. These issues may need to be evaluated by a pool building firm. Pool inspectors do not repair pools, they only inspect and then make recommendations based upon what they find. This prevents a conflict of interest regarding the inspection.


Our Mahwah NJ Pool Inspection Comes With Details


NJ Pool Inspector will provide a detailed Inspection report, replete with pictures and recommended maintenance. If you are purchasing a house with a swimming pool, or need to have the pool at your present location inspected, call NJ Pool Inspector at (201) 378-3652

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