Using Infrared Thermal Cameras For Better Pool Inspections


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Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are a growing commodity in the home inspection world. Many Home Inspectors and Mold Inspectors are using this tool to find potentially hidden issues that your home may face. When it comes to Pool Inspections, Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are just as valuable! This is why NJ Pool Inspector deploys a ‘FLIR’ Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera in its inspections as a standard practice. For our NJ Pool Inspector clients, Infrared Camera Inspections are FREE of any additional cost!


Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Pool Inspection Examples


I. Electrical Connections
Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras help to find defects and faults in the electrical panel that pool pumps and heaters require to operate effectively. Hot connections are a sign of a defect that can result in wasted electricity, fire, and even severe electric shock. By using a Thermal Imaging Camera during your pool inspection, NJ Pool Inspector is able to find any potential hot spots or defects in your pools electrical panel.


II. Motor Temperature
A pool pump motor is a vital piece of your home’s pool operations. Without a pump, stagnant water can become algae filled and unsafe to swim in. This essential piece of equipment is important to thoroughly inspect during a pool inspection. Using an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera, NJ Pool Inspectors are able to discover any overheating conditions of your pool pump’s motor. Overheating can be caused by friction or electrical faults. Regardless of the cause, an overheating motor will eventually become a non-working motor. By catching the overheating motor early, you can make repairs rather than a full replacement.


III. Water Heater
Water heaters are an important part of a New Jersey swimming pool. While not necessary, the convenience and leisure of having a water heater for your pool can help you enjoy your pool earlier and for longer! However, as with any equipment, a pool heater needs to be inspected to ensure proper operation and condition. Using Infrared Camera Imaging during a pool inspection, NJ Pool Inspector can check input and output temperatures of the water heater. Also, similar to the pool pump mentioned above, an Infrared Camera pool inspection can help discover any faults or ‘hot-spots’ in the electrical connections for your water heater saving you from a dangerous and expensive situation.




Summary: Get A Better Pool Inspection With Infrared Cameras

If you’re buying a home in New Jersey with a pool, it’s important to hire an NJ Pool Inspector for many reasons. For one, you want to make sure your new home doesn’t come with any surprise expenses down the road, and if it does, you want to know what to expect. Secondly, buying a home with a pool means additional risks for you and your family. Ensuring that all equipment is in proper and safe working condition is important prior to moving in. NJ Pool Inspector can provide you with a detailed explanation of the condition for all components and equipment that your pool requires to be functional.

By adding an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera to this inspection, NJ Pool Inspector is able to discover issues that a typical inspection may not spot such as hot spots, thermal leakage and more.

NJ Pool Inspector adds IR Camera inspections to every Pool inspection!

Whether you’re buying a home with a pool, selling a home with a pool or would just like periodic pool inspection, contact NJ Pool Inspector today to schedule your pool inspection appointment.

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