Heat Radiation vs Visibility


Mahwah NJ Infrared Thermal Camera Pool Inspection


Most cameras use light to capture an image, while an Infrared Thermal Camera uses heat radiation. Foreign objects floating in a swimming pool or spa may not be readily visible, but they will be detected by a thermal camera. While unusual, a pool inspection could be conducted with minimal light. NJ Pool Inspector performs in-depth Infrared Thermal Camera pool inspections.


What Can An Infrared Thermal Camera Deduct?


An Infrared Thermal Camera can reveal whether the heater in your pool is working properly. It can also detect whether there are any electrical issues that need tending to. For a full inspection, a pool and spa need to be open and usable. With the use of an Infrared Thermal Camera NJ Pool Inspector performs comprehensive pool inspections. If problems are detected, we will advise on a remedy. We inspect pools and spas, we do not repair or replace broken parts. We do recommend repairs or replacement when necessary.


More Accurate Pool Inspections


Infrared Thermal Cameras are very useful tools for a home inspector. It is used to reveal hidden problems that are not seen by the naked eye. For pool and spa examinations, an Infrared Thermal Camera is just as practical. NJ Pool Inspector uses an Infrared Thermal Camera in its inspections and there is no additional cost for its application. More accurate inspection results occur with the use of an Infrared Thermal Camera.


Expert Pool Inspections in Bergen County


With the use of Infrared Thermal Cameras our swimming pool and spa inspections are more accurate. When the time for a pool or spa inspection for swimming season arrives, call NJ Pool Inspector for a thorough and professional inspection of your Bergen County NJ pool. We  can be reached at 201-658-8881.

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