Spas Need To Be Inspected Just Like Pools


spa inspection bergen county njUsually installed adjacent to a swimming pool, a spa is meant to offer health and relaxation benefits. It can be equipped with whirlpools or water jets to provide pain and stress relief. Spas are often placed in such a way as to be surrounded by nature. A spa can also stand alone without being attached to a swimming pool. All of this is taken into account by NJ Pool Inspector in the inspection of a spa for a Bergen County homeowner.

How Are Spas Set Up and Built?


The installation of a spa can be complicated and needs the expertise of a professional. It can be made of different materials depending upon your budget or where it is placed. This installation should be done by an experienced, reputable contractor whose credentials are confirmed by personal recommendation or by a professional organization. The plumbing, insulation and filtration systems require the abilities of an expert. Other features can also be built into a spa such as special lighting, sound systems, massage jets, state-of-the-art control systems, special surfaces, entry steps and more.


Do I Need To Have A Spa Inspected?


Spas need to be inspected just like swimming pools. Most home inspectors don’t include Pool and Spa Inspection in their report. NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools and spas. We do not install, repair or maintain them. Therefore there is no conflict of interest between inspecting the spa and installing it.


For Pool and Spa Inspections Call A Professional


NJ Pool Inspector takes pride in protecting the homeowner and in serving the citizens of Bergen County NJ. We will inspect your pool, spa or hot tub and provide the information for you to decide upon any needed repairs or restoration. We stand behind all our inspections. It’s almost time to enjoy your swimming pool, spa or hot tub. Give us call at (201) 378-3652.

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