Midland Park NJ Pool Inspector


Rutherford NJ Pool Inspector NJ Pool Inspector serves the Midland Park and Bergen County NJ area and is experienced in the detection of any potential problems with swimming pools, spas, or hot tubs. We may find cracks or chips to the overall surface of the pool, there may be improper filtration, or the water quality could be compromised. If there is an issue with your swimming pool or spa, you can rest assured that we will find it.

Since we do not offer remediation or construction services, we eliminate any concerns for a potential conflict of interest when assessing conditions of the pool. We only inspect pools!

If you are in the Midland Park NJ area and need to have your pool inspected, give us a call!

About Midland Park New Jersey


Midland Park is a borough in Bergen County, NJ. As of a 2018 census it has a population of approximately 7,265 people.  It was incorporated as a borough in 1894 at the height of the “boroughitis” phenomenon that swept through Bergen County in which 26 new boroughs were created in one year.  The name of Midland Park is variously said to be derived from The New Jersey Midland Railway, or from being situated “amid Bergen hills”.  Midland Park is bordered by the Bergen County towns of Ridgewood, Waldwick and Wyckoff.


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