How Do Infrared Thermal Cameras Work?


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While cameras use light to form an image, an Infrared Thermal Camera uses heat radiation. An inspector uses an Infrared Thermal Camera to detect objects that are not visible but can be harmful. This type of inspection can be conducted in total darkness as the IR Camera detects things by heat radiation. NJ Pool Inspector will perform an in-depth Infrared Thermal Camera pool inspection.


Better Pool Inspection 


Infrared Thermal Cameras have become a very useful tool for home inspectors. This tool is used to find hidden issues that are not revealed by the naked eye. When it comes to pool inspections, Infrared Thermal Cameras are just as practical. NJ Pool Inspector utilizes an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera in its inspections as a standard practice, and there is no additional cost to our clients.  Better pool inspection results occur with the use of an Infrared Thermal Camera.


What Issues Can an Infrared Thermal Camera Reveal?


An Infrared Thermal Camera detects whether the heater in your pool is functioning properly. It will also determine whether there are any electrical issues that may affect the working of the pool. It is necessary for a pool to be open and in use for a full inspection. NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools, we do not repair or replace broken parts. With the use of an Infrared Thermal Camera we can perform comprehensive pool inspections and if issues should be detected, advise remediation.


Call NJ Pool Inspector For a Full and Accurate Pool Inspection


With the use of an Infrared Thermal Camera our pool inspections are more accurate. When you are ready to have your pool or spa inspected for swimming season, call NJ Pool Inspector for a professional inspection. We can be reached at (201) 378-3652.

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