Pool Inspectors Are Professionals


certified swimming pool inspections bergen county nj

Whether you are selling or buying a home with a swimming pool, you will probably want a thorough inspection of that pool. Most NJ Home Inspectors do not inspect pools. Pool Inspectors have a special set of skills that come with experience and professional knowledge of pools. It is notable though, that Pool Inspectors only inspect pools and spas. We do not build pools, repair pools, or replace parts. You want a totally impartial examination of your pool and surrounding area. NJ Pool Inspector offers this impartiality and in fact we are sure you will be satisfied with our report. 


No Conflict of Interest With Our Report


Pool contractors will perform an inspection of your pool, but this can result in the possibility of a biased opinion. NJ Pool Inspector is a certified NJ pool inspector and only inspects pools. We are a completely neutral agent and do not build, maintain or repair pools. You can expect a totally professional inspection of your swimming pool and surrounding area from us.  NJ swimming pool inspectors only inspect pools!


Guaranteed Satisfaction


NJ Pool Inspector is at work 7 days a week. We do not hurry through an inspection, and you are able to follow us around and ask questions during the process. Owning a pool involves special challenges and responsibilities. We offer the most comprehensive inspection, and we seek your satisfaction with the finished report. We stand behind our inspections.

If your Bergen County NJ swimming pool needs inspection for any reason, give NJ Pool Inspection a call today. We can be reached at 201-658-8881.

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