Hire A Professional Pool Inspector


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When having your swimming pool inspected, you want the most professional and impartial report. That is why you should hire a pool inspector to take a look at your pool and give an honest, totally neutral opinion on the condition of it. When selling a house in New Jersey with a swimming pool you will probably be required to get it inspected. If you are buying a house with a swimming pool you will want it inspected as a condition of the purchase. Hiring someone who only inspects pools and does not build pools, eliminates the problem of “conflict of interest” or professional pool inspector vs pool builder.


Pool Inspectors Have Specialized Skills


Most home inspectors do not offer pool inspection in their contracts. They are not equipped to inspect the workings of a swimming pool. Pool contractors (pool builders) usually do offer inspection service. Having your pool inspected by the company that built it results in the possibility of a biased opinion. You need a completely impartial individual with the skill to inspect pools, and who is not involved in the construction of pools. Calling NJ Pool Inspector to evaluate the condition of your swimming pool assures you of a completely neutral opinion and an unbiased report.


Do We Build Pools?


NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools. We do not build, repair or maintain swimming pools. We have acquired years of experience inspecting pools. We offer you the ability to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of a home with a pool. There is no conflict of interest when you hire NJ Pool Inspector to examine your pool.  We put an end to the professional pool inspector vs pool builder dispute.


We Are Confident About Your Satisfaction


NJ Pool Inspector is working 7 days a week. We don’t rush through a job, and allow you to ask questions during the inspection and afterward. We want you to know about the challenges that swimming pool ownership can involve. You should understand the responsibility of owning a pool. NJ Pool Inspector wants to do the best possible inspection and be sure you are satisfied with our report. We stand by our inspections.

If you need a swimming pool inspected, call NJ Pool Inspector today. We can be reached at (201) 378-3652.

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