Pools Should Be Inspected Regularly


Mahwah NJ Pool Inspection ServicesTo full enjoy the pleasure of having a swimming pool in your backyard, you should have it looked over yearly. As the pool ages and settles, the workings of the pool can start to break down. This swimming pool inspection should be undertaken either before you close the pool in the fall, or after opening it in the late spring. The pool needs to be open and in working order for the inspection to be complete and accurate. The timing is to make the following swimming season as pleasurable and problem free as possible. NJ Pool Inspector recommends regular swimming pool inspections to all NJ swimming pool owners.


Inspection and Maintenance Go Hand In Hand


When we inspect your swimming pool, we offer recommendations on any repairs or replacements that are necessary. Good maintenance of your pool will ensure that you and your family have years of swimming enjoyment. NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools, we do not repair pools. This means you will get an unbiased report on the condition of your pool and surrounding area.  To keep the pool and the area surrounding it in good order, we recommend regular swimming pool inspections.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools. We do not rush through, and we welcome your presence during the inspection with questions regarding the process. We recognize that pool owners have special challenges and responsibilities. We offer completely professional inspections by certified inspectors and want you to be satisfied with our report. We stand behind our inspections.

When it is time for a pool inspection at your Bergen County house, give NJ Pool Inspector a call at (201) 658-8881. Let’s make your next swimming season carefree and fun.

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