Spa Inspections & Why You Need Them

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A spa is generally an adjunct to your swimming pool that offers health and relaxation benefits. Often spas are equipped with whirlpools or water jets meant to offer pain and stress relief. Spas are usually placed in a position thought to enhance the whole swimming pool experience by being surrounded by nature. Spas can also stand alone, without being attached to a swimming pool. NJ Pool Inspector has all of this in mind when we provide a spa inspection for a Bergen County homeowner.

How are Spas Built and Set Up?

The installation and setup of a spa can be complex and requires professional expertise. A spa can be made of many different materials, depending on budget and placement. The installation of a spa should be done by an experienced contractor whose credentials have been affirmed by personal recommendation or by a professional organization.

The plumbing, insulation and filtration systems require the abilities of an expert. There are also other features that can be built into a spa for added enjoyment. These include special lighting, sound systems, massage jets, state-of-the-art control systems, special surrounding surfaces and entry steps, and more.

Does a Spa need to be inspected?

A Spa requires inspection just as a pool does. Most Home Inspectors do not include Pool and Spa Inspection as part of their report. NJ Pool Inspector only inspects pools/spas. We do not service or maintain them.

Since we only inspect pools and spas, and recommend needed repairs or maintenance, this eliminates any conflict of interest between inspecting the spa and making repairs.

About NJ Pool Inspector | Bergen County NJ

We take pride in protecting the homeowner and serving the people of Bergen County NJ. We will inspect and then provide information necessary to make informed decisions about a Pool, Spa or Hot Tub. We stand by our work.

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