Spring Swimming Pool Check-Up

Early Pool Inspection

pool inspection spa inspection bergen county njSpring is just around the corner, to coin a dusty old phrase, and before you know it, summer will be upon us. Summer is swimming pool time, and you need to start checking on the condition of your pool now. It probably seems early but we’ve been experiencing uncharacteristically mild weather, so why not? We at NJ Pool Inspector are here to help. Our professional and comprehensive expertise in the area of pool examination can alert Bergen County pool owners to problems now, before the swimming season begins.  A spring swimming pool check-up is a good idea.


What are potential problem spots?


As mentioned, it is early, so you shouldn’t undo any winterization just
yet. However, our inspectors will survey any outward issues that need to be dealt with
and recommend scheduling for repairs. We don’t make repairs, but we recommend calling
pool maintenance experts to do the work. Cracks or chips to the inner and outer surfaces
of the pool can be detected and repairs can be scheduled. Broken hoses, filters, valves,
diving board bolts, etc can be replaced. Ladders should be checked as well as diving
board surfaces. Repairs to electrical components of your swimming pool can be scheduled.


Early Pool Inspection Doubly Important When Planning to Sell


If you plan to put your house on the market this spring, an early inspection of the
swimming pool becomes a more urgent issue. Although a full evaluation of the condition
of your pool needs to be done when it is open and functioning, there are things that
can be taken care of now. Most home inspectors do not include pool examination in their
contract. NJ Pool Inspector has the experience to make a pool inspection easy and we
can caution you about potential problems with your pool and surrounding area now.


Give Us a Call for Early Pool Inspection


For an expert early pool inspection, call NJ Pool Inspector at (201) 378-3652. A pre-season
spring swimming pool check-up is a smart choice.

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