A Pool Inspector Is A Professional


Mahwah NJ Pool InspectionWhen you are selling or buying a house with a swimming pool, the pool should be inspected by a professional pool inspector. Even newly built pools should be inspected by someone other than the builder. Sellers are required to have pools inspected, and buyers want to have pools inspected. You need to know that the pool and everything attached to it is in good working order. When you hire NJ Pool Inspector you will have the benefit of a completely neutral pool inspector vs the self interested pool contractor or builder. This eliminates the conflict of interest inherent in having the builder inspect his own work.  We think you benefit from being aware of who should inspect your swimming pool. 


Home Inspectors Don’t Offer Pool Inspections



Most home inspectors do not offer the inspection of swimming pools. They are usually not knowledgeable or experienced in the workings of a pool and can’t do an accurate job. Hiring a professional who only inspects pools and is experienced in doing so makes the most sense. Having this examination performed by someone who is not involved in building pools, assures you of a completely unbiased and accurate report.  NJ Pool Inspector is who should inspect your swimming pool.


Are We Pool Builders?


NJ Pool Inspector only inspects swimming pools. We do not build, repair or maintain pools. We are pool inspectors and have many years of experience in this regard. When contemplating the purchase of a home with a swimming pool you need to know that the pool is in working order. We inspect spas and hot tubs as well. You want to be sure that the pool and any attachments as well as the surrounding area, are up to local code requirements. These are all areas in which a pool inspector will have the expertise and knowledge.


NJ Pool Inspector Guarantees Satisfaction


NJ Pool Inspector is always on the job. We don’t rush, and while we are working you can ask questions. We want you to be aware of the responsibility and the expense involved with owning a swimming pool. You should have the best inspection possible and be satisfied with the end report. We stand behind our inspections.

If you are selling or buying a house with a swimming pool and want an accurate, independent inspection of the pool, give us a call. NJ Pool Inspector services the Bergen County NJ area and we can be reached at 201-658-8881.

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