So Why Should You Inspect Your Pool?

Why Should You Inspect Your Pool ? | bergen county nj pool inspectorWhen purchasing a home with a swimming pool it’s crucial to have an experienced pool inspector inspect your pool, as well as the surrounding area, in order to ensure the investment is in good condition. Most home inspections do not include this service, but the information provided can help to make an informed decision prior to any property purchase.

Why Use ‘ NJ Pool Inspector ‘ ?


Pools and their accessories are potentially very costly, so it’s important to be sure they are in full, safe and usable condition. ‘NJ Pool Inspector’ not only provides a full and comprehensive inspection of the swimming pool and equipment (including spa, if necessary) but the area surrounding too.

NJ Pool Inspector HAS NO ‘conflict of interest’- it only inspects pools and it does not fix them. Because it does not repair or fix any problems found during an inspection, there is no motivation to find anything but the inspection facts.

Inspection must be done while the pool is open and in operation. A pool and surrounding area cannot be properly inspected if it isn’t open and usable because the report will be limited and possibly inaccurate. 

What does a pool inspection include?

Generally, a pool inspection should include the following:

  • gates and fences, ladders, railings, diving boards, slides
  • pump equipment, such as motors. filters, heaters, chlorinators, pressure, drains
  • decking and coping around the pool
  • surface of the pool, liners, tile edging, skimmers
  • water quality
  • electrical equipment

Protect Your Investment – call NJ Pool Inspector

If you are thinking about purchasing a home with a swimming pool, call NJ Pool Inspector at (201) 378-3652. NJ Pool Inspector’s experience is outstanding.

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