Certified NJ Pool Inspection Can Save You Money


certified pool inspection njIf you are buying a home with a swimming pool, a pool inspection is always a good idea. Having an experienced pool inspector look it over, including the surrounding area, will let you know that your investment is a safe one. Everyone has a house inspected before purchase. Pool inspection is often not included in a home inspection. The information included in a NJ Pool Inspector report can be important in helping you make an informed decision about purchasing a house with a pool. So, why inspect a swimming pool? Because it can save you money.


What is included in a pool inspection?


In inspecting a pool the following are usually included:

  • Gates, fences, ladders, railings, diving boards, slides
  • Pump equipment including motors, filters, heaters, chlorinators, drains
  • Decks and coping around the perimeter of the pool
  • Pool Surface, liners, tile edging, skimmers
  • Water quality
  • Electrical Equipment

Trust a Professional to do an inspection


Swimming pools and their accompanying equipment tend to be expensive. It is important to feel sure they are safe and in usable condition. NJ Pool Inspector provides a complete and expert examination of the pool, spa (if included), pool equipment, surrounding surfaces, and also a “satisfaction guarantee”. We employ the use of Infrared Thermal Cameras in our inspections for more accuracy.

NJ Pool Inspector does not build pools – we only inspect pools. There is no “conflict of interest” with our pool inspections. We have no motivation to find anything but the facts regarding the condition of your pool. We will recommend repairs or replacement if they are necessary.  We answer the question “Why Inspect a Swimming Pool” with professional expertise.


We help protect your potential investment


When you are considering the purchase of a house with a swimming pool, call NJ Pool Inspector. We have experience regarding pools, and we stand by our inspections. We can be reached at (201) 378-3652.

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