Why Should You Inspect A Pool

Why Should You Have Your Pool Inspected?

pool inspection spa inspection bergen county njWhether you are considering the purchase of a home with a pool, or selling a house with a pool, the pool should be inspected. The pool and all of the surrounding area should be looked at and evaluated. You want to be sure your investment in the home with a pool is a sound one. If you are selling, you want to put your best foot forward.  Most home inspections do not include this service, but the data that NJ Pool Inspector provides is valuable. It will help you make an informed decision prior to any property purchase. Read on to learn why you should inspect a pool.



A pool and its accessories, surrounding area, and maintenance are expensive. NJ Pool Inspector provides a comprehensive inspection of the pool, equipment and surrounding area. We have no conflict of interest – we only inspect pools, we do not build or maintain them. There is no motivation to find anything but what the inspection reveals. We can then recommend needed repairs or replacements. We want you to be able to enjoy your pool.

Inspection must be done while the pool is open and in operation. The pool and its surrounding area cannot be fully inspected if it isn’t open.  When the pool is not open and in use, the inspection report will be limited and possibly inaccurate. NJ Pool Inspector stands by our work. We are confident because our expertise and experience are unmatched.

What is Included in a Pool Inspection?


Generally, a pool inspection includes the following:

  • gates and fences, ladders, railing, diving boards,slides
  • pump equipment, such as motors, filters, heaters, chlorinators, drains
  • decks and coping around the pool
  • surface of the pool, liners, tile edging, skimmers
  • water quality
  • electrical equipment
  • spa (if included)

Call NJ Pool Inspector for an inspection appointment


If the house you want to buy has a pool call NJ Pool Inspector at (201) 378-3652. We want you and your family to be able to use and enjoy the swimming pool for years to come. Sellers also have good reason for a complete inspection of their pool.  Allow our experience to be your guide.

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